Causes and troubleshooting of common faults of the

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Causes and troubleshooting of common faults of lawn mowers

causes and troubleshooting of common faults of lawn mowers:

fault 1. Engine cannot start: cause: no gasoline; Spark plug wiring falls off; The throttle switch is not in the starting position; The oil circuit basically covers the barrier of food contact materials currently used in China; Ignition dislocation; The spark plug is damaged

★ Troubleshooting: add gasoline; Connect the spark plug wire; Turn the throttle switch to the maximum; Clean the oil circuit; Positive ignition time; Replace the spark plug with a new one

fault 2. The engine runs unsteadily: cause: the throttle is at the maximum position and the damper is open; The spark plug wire is loose; Water and dirt enter the fuel system; The air filter is too dirty; Improper adjustment of carburetor; The engine fixing screws are loose; The engine crankshaft is bent

★ Troubleshooting: lower the throttle switch; Connect the outer wire of spark plug firmly; Clean the oil tank and refill with clean fuel; Clean the air filter or replace the filter element; Polyolefin pof5 layer coextrusion double-sided stretching heat shrinkable film reconditioning carburetor developed by Shandong Taikang degradation packaging materials Co., Ltd; Check the engine fixing screws after flameout; The radial impact testing machine for light alloy wheels of motorcycles is abbreviated as wheel impact testing machine or wheel radial impact testing machine. The crankshaft is positive or replaced with a new one

fault 3. The engine cannot shut down: cause: the installation position of the throttle line on the engine is inappropriate; The throttle line is broken; The throttle is not sensitive; Do not touch the flameout wire

★ Troubleshooting: reinstall the throttle cable; Replace the throttle cable with a new one; Drip a small amount of engine oil into the active position of the throttle; Check or replace the flameout wire. Valve

fault 4. Poor grass discharge: cause: the engine speed is too low; Accumulate grass to block the grass outlet; The humidity of grassland is too high; The grass is too long and dense; The blade is not sharp

★ Troubleshooting: clear the accumulated grass in the mower; Mow the lawn after it is dry; Cut twice or three times, each time only 1/3 of the weeding length; Sharpen the blade

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