Causes and treatment of abnormal closing of the ho

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Causes and treatment methods of abnormal closing of AC contactor

causes and treatment methods of abnormal closing of AC contactor:

completely accurate plugging force experiment will be obtained.

abnormal closing of AC contactor refers to abnormal phenomena such as too slow closing of AC contactor, incomplete closing of contact, abnormal noise of iron core, etc. The causes and treatment methods of abnormal pull-in of the rare earth and nanotechnology combined contactor are as follows:

1. Because the power supply voltage of the control circuit is lower than 85% of the rated voltage, the electromagnetic force generated after the electromagnetic coil is powered on is small, and the moving iron core cannot be quickly attracted to the static iron core, resulting in slow or tight pull-in of the contactor. At this time, the power supply voltage of the control circuit should be adjusted to the rated working voltage

2. The spring pressure is insufficient, causing the contactor to pull in abnormally; The reaction force of the spring is too large, causing slow absorption; The pressure overtravel of the contact spring is too large, so that the iron core cannot be completely closed; The spring pressure and release pressure of the contact are too large, resulting in the contact cannot be completely closed. The solution is to properly adjust the spring pressure at present, and replace the spring if necessary

3. Because the gap between the dynamic and static iron cores is too large, the movable part is stuck, which is the top priority of building a strong manufacturing country. The rotating shaft is rusted or deformed, resulting in abnormal contact of the contactor. When handling, remove the dynamic and static iron core for inspection, reduce the gap, clean the rotating shaft and support rod, and replace accessories if necessary

4. Due to long-term frequent collision, the iron core plate surface is uneven and expands outward along the lamination thickness direction. At this time, it can be trimmed with a file, and the iron core can be replaced if necessary

5. The short-circuit ring is broken, causing abnormal sound from the iron core. In this case, the short-circuit ring of the same size should be replaced

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