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Causes and troubleshooting of J2108 machine idle fault

the main motor of beiren folio offset printing machine is mainly divided into three categories: the first category is three. The electronic universal testing machine is used to continuously stretch the rubber products with or without cuts at the specified speed. The asynchronous motor is directly driven, and generally has no reverse point and low-speed function. The typical model is J2101 offset printing machine; The second type is electromagnetic speed regulating motor, which is widely used. Typical models include J2108 and j2203 offset presses; The third type is variable-frequency adjustable speed motor, which is a newly developed new product. The typical model is beiren's new product J2205 offset press. The second type of offset press is commonly used in printing plants. The author here talks about the idle fault of this type of machine

idle faults are generally circuit faults and mechanical faults. Mechanical faults are relatively simple, such as loose V-belt, two pulleys are not in the same plane, electromagnetic clutch is damaged, moving and stationary plates are not installed properly, electric brush is damaged, spline shaft is damaged, so as to avoid extension damage. The thermal insulation performance of this foam will decay over time, bearing damage, coupling damage, etc., as shown in Figure 1. The circuit fault is more complex. The following takes J2108 machine as an example for analysis

the circuit shown in Figure 2 is the working circuit of low-speed motor, and the other part is composed of electromagnetic clutch circuit, that is, 24V DC after transformer voltage transformation and rectification controls the operation of electromagnetic clutch 5 through a pair of normally open contacts of km2 and KM3. In work, we often encounter a series of faults, such as low-speed motor working without moving the motor car, or reversing when pressing the on-time train, and reversing when pressing the reverse on-time train

if the low-speed motor does not work, the reason can be found in the above circuit, or the motor phase loss fuse Fu is blown. The low-speed motor works, but it reverses when pressing the on-time button, and reverses when pressing the reverse button. It may be that the main contact of km2 or KM3 is poor, or the fuse Fu is blown. If the low-speed motor works without stopping, first check whether the brush 6 has 24V DC (use a universal meter to measure whether there is DC). If not, check whether the low-voltage fuse Fu at the rectifier board is fused or whether the rectifier diode is damaged; If 24V DC current is measured in brush 6, it indicates that the electromagnetic clutch is faulty, which is generally due to the damage of the electromagnetic coil or mechanical failure

in a word, once a fault occurs, it must be handled calmly and analyzed step by step, so as to find out the root cause of the tough corrosion resistance barrier and eliminate it

(Lei Yingxiong, workers' printing factory, Xian'an District, Xianning City, Hubei Province)

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