Causes and troubleshooting of common faults of the

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Common fault phenomena, causes and troubleshooting of bridge crane brake

③ the brake pad lining is seriously worn, the rivets are exposed

1, the color of the paint is not beautiful and generous ④ the main spring is improperly adjusted or the spring is fatigue, aging, the tension is too small The brake torque is too small

⑤ the electromagnet stroke is adjusted improperly or there is a support under the horizontal lever of the long stroke brake

⑥ the hydraulic push rod brake impeller rotates

clean the working surface of the brake wheel with kerosene, replace the brake lining

adjust the tension of the main spring, Replace the tired main spring

adjust the stroke of the magnet according to the technical requirements, clean the working environment of the long stroke brake electromagnet

repair the driving mechanism and electrical parts

adjust the brake screw or replace the coil

press 5, properly adjust the working environment of the aperture diaphragm and the field diaphragm, change the appropriate oil, check the electrical parts and adjust the driving mechanism

promote positive progress

measure 2 the state of the friction powder: trace, small amount of large number; Take the voltage value of the electromagnet coil and find out the voltage Reduce the reason and solve it

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