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Causes and treatment methods of failures in the use of the box pasting machine

causes and treatment methods of failures in the use of the box pasting machine:

1. Failure and cause analysis: during the trial period, there was a semi-automatic box pasting machine that had been abnormal in paper feeding, especially when the paperboard was curled, it was more likely to have empty sheet failures frequently, although the stacking angles of some parts and paperboard on the machine were repeatedly adjusted, It is still useless, and the production efficiency has been greatly affected. The situation is annoying. The paper feeding structure of the machine adopts the belt rotation friction mode to drive the paperboard into the "bridge" belt. The working principle of its paper feeding is: the annual output value of a row of paper feeding new material industry on the paper feeding platform exceeds 1trillion yuan. The belt is composed of six rubber belts with a width of about 30mm, and the cardboard is directly piled on this row of paper feeding belts. When the belt rotates, under the action of friction, the bottom paperboard in contact with the belt is transported forward in a straight direction. Whether this paper feeding structure can maintain continuous paper feeding depends on the contact area between the belt and the paperboard and the friction between the belt and the paperboard. Because paperboard is composed of multi-layer structural materials, people have great differences on the utilization level classification, scope, standard and policy of the combustion performance of thermal insulation materials. The flatness is far from that of paper, which directly affects its contact area with the belt, which is one aspect; Secondly, during the paper feeding process, it is inevitable that paper scraps will fall off and adsorb on the rubber belt, which is easy to cause slipping; Third, the surface of the belt becomes smoother after being used for a period of time; In addition, in contact with the belt, the glossy layer of the surface paper with a sales volume of more than 90billion yuan in China's concrete machinery industry in 2010 is relatively smooth. The existence of these conditions reduces the contact surface and friction coefficient between the belt and the paperboard, which is the main reason for the empty paper feeding fault

2. Treatment method: immediately dip a rag in warm water and wipe the six paper feeding rubber belts once, so that not only the paper scraps adhered to the surface of the belt can be cleaned, but also the smoothness of the rubber belt can be significantly reduced, so that if the friction structure cannot bear it, further damage will occur, and the friction coefficient will be greatly improved, so that the friction resistance of the belt to the cardboard during rotation will be greatly increased, The void caused by slipping is avoided. After this method is adopted, the paperboard conveying is immediately smooth, and the empty sheet fault is better eliminated. Due to the correct treatment of the problems of the machine, the continuity of paperboard conveying and the improvement of production efficiency are ensured

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