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Causes and treatment of common problems in automatic sprinkler system

1. System composition

closed sprinkler, water flow indicator, wet alarm valve, pressure switch, stabilized pressure pump, sprinkler pump, sprinkler control cabinet

2. The main functions completed by the system

provide the possibility of reduction. When the system is in normal working state, there is a certain pressure of water in the pipeline. When a fire occurs and the temperature of the fire site reaches the temperature of the closed sprinkler, the glass bubble breaks, the sprinkler sprays water, the water in the pipeline changes from static to dynamic, the water flow indicator acts, and the signal is transmitted to the fire control cabinet of the fire control center for alarm. When the wet alarm device alarms, After the pressure switch acts, start the spray pump through the control cabinet to supply water to the pipeline to complete the fire-fighting function of the system

3. Problems prone to occur in the system, causes and simple solutions

(1) the voltage stabilizing device starts frequently. Reason: it is mainly because there is leakage at the front end of the wet device. It is also reported that there will be leakage of plumbing parts or connections, leakage of closed sprinkler, high end bonding strength, and the discharge device is not closed properly. Treatment method: check all plumbing parts, nozzles and end relief devices, find out the leakage point and deal with it

(2) the water flow indicator does not give a signal after the water flow acts. Cause: in addition to the problems of electrical circuit and terminal crimping, it is mainly the problems of the water flow indicator itself, including the immobility of the paddle, the damage of the paddle, the damage of the microswitch or the burning of the reed contact, or the failure of the permanent magnet. Treatment: check whether the slurry is damaged or blocked, and check the permanent magnet, reed and other devices

(3) there is no water in the front end of the pipeline behind the linkage pump after the sprinkler acts or the end relief device is turned on. Reason: mainly because the butterfly valve of the wet alarm device does not act, and the wet alarm device cannot send water to the front-end pipeline. Treatment: check the wet alarm device, mainly the butterfly valve, until it turns flexibly, and then check other parts of the wet device

(4) when the linkage signal is sent, the spray pump does not act. Cause: it may be the loose wiring or device failure of the control device and fire pump starting cabinet, or the mechanical failure of the spray pump itself. We are optimistic about the development prospects of Xinjiang Zhonghe: check the connecting lines and the water pump itself

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