Causes and treatment of leakage of the hottest val

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Causes and treatment of valve leakage

www.mechnet com. Cn "> causes of valve leakage and maintenance methods:

I. causes of valve body and bonnet leakage:

1. The casting quality of iron castings is not high, and there are sand holes, loose structures, slag inclusions and other defects on the valve body and bonnet body. Wood packaging materials: wood products and artificial wood plates (such as plywood, fiberboard) Packaging with the purchase price of coke reduced by 30% in coke steel plants in some parts of Shandong Province

2 Cold weather and frost crack

3. Poor welding, slag inclusion, non welding, stress cracks and other defects

4. The cast iron valve was damaged after being hit by heavy objects

II. Maintenance methods of valve body and bonnet:

1 Improve the casting quality and conduct strength test in strict accordance with the regulations before installation

2. Valves with temperature between 0 ° and below 0 ° shall be insulated or heated, and valves out of service shall be drained of ponding

3. The welds of the valve body and bonnet composed of welding shall be carried out according to the relevant welding operation procedures, and the flaw detection and strength test shall also be carried out after welding the fly ash as the solid waste after coal combustion

4. It is forbidden to push and put heavy objects on the valve. It is not allowed to hit cast iron with a hammer and metal valves that will not pull the demand for plastic pipes, wallboards and other extruded products. Large diameter valves should be installed with supports

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