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Xinyi Glass: the performance of the industry has room for improvement

the mainland announced a number of macroeconomic data yesterday, of which the gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 8 in the third quarter. 9%, significantly better than the previous two seasons. A spokesman for China's National Bureau of statistics has stated that the goal of "ensuring eight" economic growth for the whole year is no problem. The mainland economy has maintained an ideal growth momentum, and the central focus has begun to pay attention to the rising inflation of UTM in plastic molding and extrusion laboratories, as well as strengthening efforts to strictly control the overcapacity of the industry. Although the glass industry names and limits the production capacity for the national development and Reform Commission, geotextile testing machine can complete the stretching of Geotextiles and strips (220mm, 120mm), geotextile bursting, puncturing, CBR bursting, tearing, holding, geogrid stretching and other experimental expansion industries, but for enterprises that occupy a leading position in the industry, they can benefit from it, among which Xinyi Glass is a noticeable share

Xinyi is mainly engaged in the production and sales of automotive glass, architectural glass and float glass products. As of the end of June this year, the group's profit fell by 44% to 2%. 2.5 billion yuan, and the income also increased from 18. 800 million yuan fell to 16. The gross profit margin increased from 34% in the same period last year to 300 million yuan. 6% fell to 28. 4%, mainly due to the poor economic environment inside and outside the expiration period, as well as the obvious decline in the price of its float glass in the first quarter and other factors. However, thanks to the mainland's promotion of economic stimulus measures, the situation of the industry has been greatly improved. The management has earlier said that its construction glass orders have been filled until the end of the year, while its ultra white photovoltaic glass has greatly promoted the demand for products because of the state's support for the environmental protection industry. It is also expected that the business will return to high growth in the second half of the year

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