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The demand for pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels has increased. According to a report of Freedonia group, it is expected that by 2008, the world's demand for pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels will increase at an annual rate of 5.3%

the total area of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels required worldwide will exceed 27billion square meters, with a total value of more than 22billion US dollars. The total consumption of raw materials for the production of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels, including adhesives and various label backing papers, will reach 2.5 billion kg. The label backing material will be expanded from a single polystyrene to polyethylene, cellophane and other ordinary papers. This work is completely amplified and converted by a/d converter

although the equipment consumption, maintenance and operation costs in the United States and Western Europe are high, the demand for pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels in Europe, Japan and Canada has a downward trend, but the demand for such label products in developing countries may surpass that in developed countries in the future

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