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In 2009, the furniture and automobile industries in the two downstream areas of polyurethane soft foam rose against the trend, driving a substantial increase in the demand for polyurethane soft foam. Under the circumstances of difficult recovery of the global economy, China's automobile industry enjoys a unique scenery with booming production and sales. It has become the first country in the world in terms of production and sales, and has attracted the attention of the global automobile industry. At the same time, the furniture industry in 2009 was hindered by the financial crisis, but opened a new situation in the domestic market. The economic benefits of furniture enterprises above designated size were far ahead of two years. So whether the demand for polyurethane flexible foam will increase in 2010? Insiders hold different views

the demand for furniture soft bubbles this year mainly depends on: first, the prosperity of the domestic real estate market will indirectly affect the demand for furniture soft bubbles; Secondly, the impact of international economy on the export of downstream industries of polyurethane flexible foam; Thirdly, the stimulating effect of supporting policies such as furniture to the countryside and automobile to the countryside

relevant real estate personages said that after the Spring Festival, the real estate market showed a situation of falling volume and rising price, and buyers mostly took a wait-and-see attitude. It is difficult to determine whether the real estate market is tiger this year, so it remains to be seen. In the case of uncertain property market economy, the impact on furniture soft bubbles can not be reflected for the time being. At the same time, insiders expect that furniture exports will increase this year, but it is difficult to determine how much impact the relevant foreign green barriers have on furniture exports

in the interview, some people in the automotive interior industry said that in 2009, China's automobile production and sales completed 13.791 million and 13.6448 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 48% and 46% respectively. Stable economic development and policy factors are the main driving forces for the rapid growth of automobile production and sales. With the support of automobile related policies, the annual accumulated automobile inventory has been fully released in the second half of 2009. However, the foreign economic environment is still difficult to predict, and the sales volume of major automobile manufacturers is not ideal after the Spring Festival, so the person believes that the automobile production and sales volume this year will decline compared with last year. The best situation can only be to maintain the production and sales level of last year. Therefore, the demand for automotive interior soft foam will not increase

some people also believe that China's automobile industry will still show a good development trend in 2010. At present, the raw material price of polyurethane soft foam for automotive interior has been rising, which will be driven by the mentality of buying up but not buying down. These factors related to automobiles have a significant impact on the shrinkage of plastic parts. The purchase volume of polyurethane soft foam by interior decoration enterprises may increase

in 2010, it was not important. At the same time, it was also listed as a testing assistant of some scientific research institutes. It is difficult to determine the market of furniture and automobile industry, which makes the demand for soft bubbles for automobile interior "look at the flowers in the fog". In May, the possible causes and risk factors of heterotopic ossification were cited. On the 7th, a series of celebrations will be held in Guangzhou and China. At the polyurethane summit soft foam forum, senior executives from the soft foam industry, automobile industry and furniture industry and industry experts will jointly discuss the polyurethane soft foam Market in 2010. Experts from the downstream will also interpret the development situation of China's automobile market and furniture industry in 2010. At that time, whether the demand for polyurethane flexible foam can increase will be analyzed

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