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Dengjianhui, CIO of cotton era, attended the third world top scientists' forum to share new opportunities for digital development release date: Source: consumption Views: 4651 copyright and disclaimer core tips: on October 30, 2020, the third "world top scientists' Forum" was held in Shanghai, including 61 Nobel Prize winners, and nearly 140 global top science prize winners attended. On October 30, 2020, the third "world top scientists forum" will be held in Shanghai, where the share of passenger car batteries will be concentrated to large battery enterprises. Nearly 140 world top science prize winners, including 61 Nobel Prize winners, will attend. Mr. dengjianhui, chief information officer of cotton era, was invited to attend this forum

with the rapid development of IOT, cloud services, big data, it technology and the progress of AI technology, digital transformation has become the core issue that enterprises pay attention to, and is regarded as an important pillar for enterprise business model innovation and operation efficiency improvement. Mr. dengjianhui, chief information officer of cotton era, shared the group's digital strategy, "As early as the beginning of 2019, the digital transformation of the all cotton era has been started. After more than a year of development and operation, the enterprise's digital platform framework has been preliminarily completed. From commodity digital operation, Omni channel digital operation to consumer digital operation, there has been a very clear front, middle and back office structure. At present, the all cotton era has realized the online and offline Omni channel integration, especially the digital platform already laid during the epidemic The advantages of the foundation for the transformation of urbanization have been clearly demonstrated. "

in the early stage of the epidemic, with the help of new technologies such as big data and cloud computing, the cotton era and its parent company, steady medical, can accurately predict the market demand for masks and protective clothing by seeing the data changes of each product and conducting in-depth analysis, so as to enable the supply chain to adjust its strategy in a timely and rapid manner, and become the main supplier of protective clothing and masks in Wuhan and other parts of the country, Steady medical care has also been praised by the medical material support group of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council as a well deserved "military factory" to fight the epidemic. In this forum, products such as masks, alcohol disinfection cotton tablets, hands-free disinfection gel and so on in the all cotton era were also favored, and became the partner of epidemic prevention supplies in the third world top scientists forum

in the future, the all cotton era will be based on the value of the whole industrial chain driven by the new ecology with consumers as the center. However, people did not pay attention to his work at that time. It was not until 1952 that Keyon (Ke Yang) put it forward again when doing the copper bar experiment, and named it the Bauschinger effect, which will continue to extend the digitization to the back end, such as the digital design and R & D, intelligent goods, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics The digital operation system of smart supply chain and other sectors will pave the way for better digitalization and create greater value for consumers through continuous scientific and technological innovation

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