Demonstration of the most popular John Deere ATU a

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The demonstration of John Deere ATU automatic navigation system was held in Guangxi. The demonstration of John Deere ATU automatic navigation system was held in Guangxi. On January, 2015, in Fusui County, Chongzuo, Guangxi, the "hometown of sugarcane", a demonstration of agricultural machinery automatic navigation system attracted nearly 200 people here to participate in the fund-raising and investment. The model for this demonstration is a new 6B series tractor equipped with John Deere ATU automatic navigation system, which operates with a sugarcane planter. The straight route, uniform line spacing and easy operation have been praised by the representatives of large growers and cooperatives who came to watch

in recent years, due to the rising labor cost, it is also suitable for colleges and technical secondary schools to stop teaching and demonstration work. Sugarcane production mechanization is imminent. Airware is a revolutionary aluminum alloy tensile testing machine in the aerospace field. The precision of the front and rear bearings of the hydraulic system is not high enough or has damaged new materials. The innovative automatic navigation technology can improve the driver's work efficiency and reduce agricultural investment, Increase planting income

a large local planter from Chongzuo said: "Every busy farming season, the workload of the driver is very heavy, which is a waste of time for novices who are not proficient in operation. For the stable and straight operation of seeding, the driver's skills are especially tested. At the end of the day, the driver is very tired. Today, I saw the johndier ATU automatic navigation system. After setting the route, the tractor automatically walks in a straight line without holding the steering wheel. The driver saves his mind and effort. Every day, he can Do a lot of work. "

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