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Latex products: demand continues to grow

2006 is the first year of China's "Eleventh Five Year Plan". With the continuous growth of demand for latex products in domestic and foreign markets, the production and sales of latex industry are booming. According to the statistics of 17 member enterprises of latex branch of China Rubber Industry Association, the production and sales of main latex products from January to November 2006 are shown in the table below

according to the data, the production and sales of condoms and nitrile rubber inspection gloves, the main products of the latex industry, increased, the production and sales of medical gloves were basically flat, while the production and sales of inspection gloves and household gloves decreased. Analyze the main reasons. Since the price of natural latex has soared since last year, and natural latex accounts for more than 50% of the cost of inspection gloves and household gloves, enterprises cannot rely on internal potential to absorb the rising cost factors, resulting in the need to raise the price of products. However, customers have a process of accepting the price rise of products, which affects the production and sales of these two products. As the main raw materials account for a low proportion in the cost composition of condoms and medical gloves, it is easier for customers to accept small price increases. The increase of nitrile rubber inspection gloves is large, because the price increase of nitrile latex is small, so the enterprise reduces the production of natural rubber inspection gloves and increases the production of nitrile rubber inspection gloves. In addition, the export of latex products grew rapidly. According to customs statistics, from January to October 2006, China exported 4398 tons of condoms, a year-on-year increase of 27.15%, and the export delivery value was 23.98 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 29.97%; The export of surgical gloves reached 1.035 billion pairs, a year-on-year increase of 7.64%, and the export delivery value was USD 71.62 million, a year-on-year increase of 12.73%; Other gloves exported 1.425 billion pairs, a year-on-year increase of 10.29%, and the export delivery value was $128.72 million, a year-on-year increase of 22.69%. It can be seen that the demand for latex products in the international market is increasing. Compared with the same period last year, the price of natural rubber latex, the main raw material, rose by more than 30%, resulting in a significant decline in the economic benefits of the whole industry. While the production and sales of the whole industry increased by more than 11%, the total profit decreased by 32.15% and the number of loss making enterprises increased. In recent years, the quality of latex products has been steadily improved. Taking condoms as an example, the sampling inspection results of quality credit granted by China Rubber Industry Association last year showed that the product quality of the seven designated condom enterprises had made significant progress and reached the international advanced level. There are 5 consecutive batches of 40 batches of samples in each enterprise. The test results are not only all qualified, but also the average value of the process to ensure that the experimental machine can run continuously for a long time is significantly better than the product standard requirements. At the same time, the condom testing results of the national population and Family Planning Commission's drug testing center on government procurement also reflected that the condom quality of the seven enterprises was significantly better than that of previous years. The quality of other major latex products has also been steadily improved, and has been highly praised by users. The brand awareness of latex enterprises has been continuously enhanced. For example, Qingdao shuangdie Group Co., Ltd. has implemented technology and equipment innovation and invested a lot of scientific research funds to build the popularity and reputation of the "shuangdie" brand. In the face of the disordered brands, uneven quality and low price dumping of bare condoms in the national condom market, shuangdie group has always insisted on maintaining its own brand. For more than ten years, shuangdie group has insisted on not selling bare condoms and not labeling, and has been doing its own brand building in a down-to-earth manner. Guilin Latex Factory strives to keep up with the international famous brands, takes the road of public welfare brand publicity, and makes the "gaobang" brand known and trusted by the majority of users. Shanghai latex factory has done every work steadily around the "Jinxiang" brand. Jinxiang brand medical gloves and condoms have been recommended as Shanghai famous brand products for six consecutive years. Looking forward to 2007, with the development of the global economy and the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, the medical and health undertakings will further develop and will certainly bring new opportunities for the development of the latex industry. The demand continues to grow, and the social demand for latex products is increasing. Condoms, medical gloves, inspection gloves, etc. in latex products are disposable medical and health products. With the development of medical and health undertakings and the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of health care, the demand for such products will not affect the consumption due to price changes. There is no substitute for these low value medical consumables, and these characteristics will continue to increase their demand. In addition, the reality of price adjustment of latex products in 2006 has been gradually recognized by customers. The inventory at the initial stage of price adjustment has also been digested. Dealers must accept the price increase of latex products caused by the price rise of raw materials. The effective connection between production and sales will ensure the stable growth of the latex products market. The export prospect is still promising. Latex products are labor-intensive products, and China has comparative advantages. The enterprise restructuring has greatly improved the technical level and management level of China's latex industry, improved the quality and grade of products, and ensured the competitiveness of products. In addition, all enterprises have established export sales channels, which will make the export prospect of China's latex products promising. The famous brand strategy promotes the improvement of the core diameter of quality by the relevant standards. In the process of creating a national brand, latex enterprises have established their brand awareness one after another, "not only to make products, but also to create brands" has become the consensus of most enterprises. A good example is that all 7 condom manufacturers actively participate in product quality credit. To create a famous brand, we must first ensure the stable improvement of product quality and establish a perfect quality assurance system. In the process of implementing the famous brand strategy, the enterprise will comprehensively improve the quality of latex products and make users more satisfied. The market competition order is gradually improving. The disorderly competition in the management of latex products in the previous period has many reasons, including the pursuit of profits by capital according to the nature of gb17565 (2) 007 general technical conditions for anti-theft safety doors, the imbalance of social resources occupied by enterprises, and the malicious competition of enterprises lacking integrity. However, one of the important reasons is that the government supervision is not in place. At present, the government's methods and means to strengthen market supervision are becoming more and more perfect, the registration management of medical devices involved in the latex industry and the supervision and inspection of enterprise quality system are more standardized, and the state is more strict in the supervision and random inspection of product quality in the circulation field, which plays an important role in the purification market. At the same time, strengthening industry self-discipline and advocating honest management will also enable enterprises to continuously improve their core competitiveness in market competition and promote the establishment of a good market competition order. In the face of new international competitors, the price of natural rubber latex has soared since last year and has continued to remain high, which has greatly benefited the rubber plantation owners and sellers. Their rich profits will be converted into capital to further pursue profits. The development of emulsion industry in Malaysia is a precedent. Thailand is currently the largest producer of natural rubber. It is expected that it will follow Malaysia in developing the domestic latex industry, making use of the geographical advantages of natural latex producing countries to develop the production of latex products, and will eventually become a strong international competitor in China's latex industry

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