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With the progress and development of society, more and more people are concerned about their health, and kitchen decoration is also crucial. However, no matter how well decorated the kitchen is, there will also be lampblack, which makes many housewives' heads grow up. So how can we skillfully remove these oil fumes and save the kitchen? Cohen Xiaobian teaches you a few tricks to get rid of oil fumes and stains. Let's have a look

1. Maintain ventilation

a good ventilation environment will reduce the deposition of lampblack, so we must do a good job in kitchen ventilation. On the premise that the situation permits, open the windows of the kitchen as much as possible, increase the circulation of air, and maintain natural ventilation. When cooking, always turn on the range hood. Don't turn it off quickly after finishing the dishes. You should continue to keep the operating state of the range hood, absorb the residual oil fume in the air, and turn off the range hood after about ten minutes

2. Detergent, vinegar, boiled water

if you use the kitchen for a long time, a layer of sticky stains will appear on the wall tiles, which is difficult to completely remove even with detergent. There is a way to easily get rid of the lampblack on the wall. Prepare detergent, vinegar and boiled water, mix them, and stir them evenly. Take a clean rag and soak it in the mixed solvent. After it is completely soaked, take it out and screw it until it is half dry. Cover the oil stains on the wall tiles with the mixed solvent on the rag, and then wipe the kitchen tiles. If you clean the wall in this way, the oil stains can be easily removed. It is worth reminding that you must use boiled water

3. Clean at any time

the most common and commonly used treatment method of lampblack in the kitchen is to clean at any time. Deal with the lampblack immediately when it occurs. Wipe the newly formed lampblack on the walls and appliances with a clean cloth with strong water absorption. Once the oil fume is deposited, other methods are needed to deal with it

4. Skillfully use vinegar to remove oil dirt

if the lampblack in the kitchen cannot disperse for a long time, it will deposit on the ground and produce a layer of sticky stains, which is very uncomfortable to walk on the ground. When cleaning the kitchen floor, you can sprinkle a little vinegar on the mop, and then scrub the floor. The effect is better

5. Stir fried green tea

in addition to being a tea, the green tea we often drink also has the effect of removing oil smoke. Of course, the premise is to process it a little. Green tea itself has a fragrance. Put green tea in a pot and stir fry it, send the fragrance of green tea into the air, and use the tea fragrance to suppress the taste brought by oil smoke. But it should be noted that green tea should not be fried, otherwise it will backfire

6. Cooking lemon slices or vinegar

the smell produced during cooking can sometimes be quite choking, with a strong smell of oil smoke. To reduce the smell of oil smoke produced during cooking, you can cook lemon slices or a bowl of vinegar at the same time. The acid substances produced by these things can absorb the oil smoke in the air, thereby reducing the smell of oil smoke in the kitchen





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