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Now there are more and more products with your son's full range in the market. Many times, it is really difficult for us to choose. For this reason, many friends also say that they have choice phobia when shopping. The same is true when selecting materials for decoration. We must give full consideration to the choice of paint color. First of all, we should consider the requirements of function and beauty. In addition, we should also consider the characteristics of space form and decorative materials. Generally speaking, the color of the living room is better warm and softer. The living room should choose lively colors, the study should be elegant, solemn and harmonious, and the dining room should be warm

first, preference comes first

for the paint color of home decoration, I like it first. Of course, the color you like has a lot to do with your personality. If you have a cheerful and realistic personality, you usually use white base material and black handmade patterns

1. Start from childhood

if you are not sure what color effect you like, you can choose to test it yourself in a small dressing room, bathroom, lobby or a small wall, and the effect will come out soon. If you are not satisfied, replace it quickly. Treat this as an adventure, and you will be immersed in the fun of choosing colors, and you will get satisfaction from it

2. Consider your emotions

when choosing a color, you can consider combining it with emotions. If a bedroom, you want a warm and quiet feeling. This determines that you will choose some soft and refreshing colors instead of very strong colors

2. Different colors in different areas

1. Choose colors according to the shape of the room

colors can change people's feeling of the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, cool colors can make the lower ceiling look higher and narrow rooms wider. Using dark colors on the wall at the far end of the room will make the wall move forward. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room

2. The top surface should generally use light color

light color makes people feel light, and dark color makes people feel heavy. Usually, the treatment of the room is mostly from top to bottom, from shallow to deep. For example, the ceiling and wall of the room adopt white and light colors, the wainscot adopts white and light colors, and the skirting line adopts dark colors, which will give people a sense of stability that the top is light and the bottom is heavy. On the contrary, the top is deep and the bottom is shallow, which will give people a sense of depression that the head is heavy and the feet are light

3. Choose colors according to the purpose of the room

the purpose of the room often determines the effect you want to create. The living room should appear bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, while the restaurant can use dark colors. Light colors are always suitable for kitchens, but warm colors should be used with caution. Corridors and hallways only serve as passageways, so colors can be used boldly. The style of the bedroom is completely determined by the taste of different people

4. Choose the color according to the orientation of the room

the room facing east darkens earlier because it is the first to get sunlight and the first to leave, so it is often the safest to use light warm colors. The south facing room has the longest sunshine time. The use of cold colors often makes people feel more comfortable and the effect of the room is more charming. Due to the influence of the strongest sunset in the day, the room facing west likes to use deep cool colors, which seems more comfortable. The room facing north has no direct sunlight, so you should tend to use warm colors when choosing colors, and the chromaticity should be light

III. coordinate with the color of furniture

in addition to choosing different colors according to different areas, it should also coordinate with the color of furniture. If the furniture color is heavier, the wall color should be lighter, and if the furniture color is lighter, the wall color should be similar to the furniture color. Of course, if there is no good color matching for the paint, it is best to use light blue. Light blue can well eliminate irritability and feel a broad vision. Of course, these should be selected on the premise of their favorite colors

it's not easy to decorate the home once. We all hope that the home is beautiful and bright. Please note that after the paint is painted on the wall, the visual effect will be a little deeper than the actual feeling of the color card, so when choosing the color, choose a light one




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