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Seeing green and flax always reminds people of "Havana" - that beautiful and simple place, where the people are hardworking and honest, stand aloof from the world, and enjoy life very much. The decorative style is slightly American and Spanish. Logs, hemp and rattan are just a reflection of the "Havana" style. Cubans more or less advocate the power of nature, so their homes will also show more natural customs. Green is the color that directly expresses natural energy. Emphasizing green can make people feel nature and vitality

green is a cold color, so it has a certain sense of closure. Therefore, the space created by green and white always makes people feel that it is not open enough and suitable for two or three people

the "Havana" style with more natural style is suitable for expressing the simple sense of environment. The collocation is mainly "fresh" and "original flavor". Pure manual manufacturing is indispensable in this space. Tassels made of wood and silk thread on curtains, beads tightly sewn on bags, and even foot carpets and daily-use porcelain have a simple sense of handcraft. Perhaps everything is not as perfect as mechanization, but the stronger "natural appeal" makes the whole space feel more "excited"

the green environment and thick log bed frame also give people a sense of steadiness and steadiness, so they feel more at home. On this basis, the use of "symmetry" and "average" techniques can make the room decoration more balanced and flat, and the light source naturally encloses the whole space. Whether it is chandelier, wall lamp or table lamp, it forms a supplement with natural light. "The beauty of harmony" is the biggest feature of "Havana" style home

purple is elegant, but it has a bit of the aura of a king. Purple is mysterious, but it has a strong visual impact. Purple reminds people of more court life, so it complements complex feelings, such as Baroque and Rococo. When you think of purple, you always think of Louis XIV's heavy purple shawl first, so if you use purple, or lotus root, snow green and other colors, it means that you are conveying the "aristocracy" of this space to people

due to aristocracy, more complicated crystal chandeliers appeared, and due to aristocracy, more magnificent and gorgeous pillow patterns appeared. Purple, aristocratic sense, cumbersome details, everything explains the identity and experience of the owner

who dares to say that he has not been infatuated with the tropical style of "coconut forest, tree shadow, clear water and sand white". If your space does not look very cramped, then there is a little possibility of "Shanghai style". Shanghai style takes blue as the keynote. Blue is the brightest color among all colors and also the color symbolizing the sea. It gives people a pure, clean and refreshing feeling, especially when blue is matched with white, it highlights its bright feeling. If it is matched skillfully, a large area of blue can also convey some elegant and noble feelings

"Shanghai style" is a very refreshing decorative style, which can be divided into Asia and Europe. The marine flavor of Asia has a typical Southeast Asian style, while the marine flavor of Europe is the product of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Although these two ocean styles have their own strong personalities, they also have many similarities, which are completely reasonable to combine




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