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In the eyes of home decoration experts, there should be a basic investment plan and decoration requirements before decorating a new house. The so-called basic investment plan, in fact, is that each wallet is different, and you should choose a decoration company that suits you according to your own financial situation. The so-called decoration requirements generally include the selection of materials, construction process requirements, design requirements, etc

an important way to choose a decoration company is to find out how much money you have and how effective you can make home decoration, and take your seat according to your number. According to the different financial resources and needs of each company, the general ideas for choosing a home decoration company are as follows:

1 Standard type: common basic decoration. Such as laying bricks on the ground, painting the walls, skirting boards, gypsum lines, kitchen and toilet wall and floor tiles, hanging plastic gusset plate flat roof, a small amount of water and electricity transformation, etc. If you believe that your decoration belongs to this form, you can find twoorthree decoration companies with strong construction ability, and don't care too much about the design ability of the company. When talking about the plan with the company, we should pay attention to the strength and performance of the other party in this regard, and fully express our requirements

2. Intermediate type: refers to the conventional decoration that integrates some design ideas in addition to the standard type, including artistic graphic ceiling, characteristic furniture, etc. If your home decoration is medium-sized, you can find some small and medium-sized companies with design ability. Such companies can generally meet your basic requirements for design, and because the business volume is not too large, it is more than enough to do a satisfactory design and construction for you

3. High grade model: the main difference between this model and medium-grade model lies in material and workmanship. If your decoration requirements reach this level, you should be very careful in choosing a company. Because you have high requirements for both design and construction, when choosing a decoration company, you should examine the strength and past performance of the company, and pre-sales and after-sales service is also necessary

4. Luxury: luxury home decoration should actually be a unique art work that fully reflects the owner's style. We should not only have master design, but also choose high-quality materials, and finally have exquisite workmanship. In addition to being similar to most of the requirements of high-end companies, such companies should also pay attention to the purchasing ability of some key materials. Designers must be people with many years of design experience and must have special construction management personnel

Xiaobian's suggestion: don't look for too many decoration companies to avoid being dazzled. The final job is often not ideal. In addition, it can be said that 90% of the decoration companies in the market want to do a good job in the project. Therefore, it is essential for consumers and decoration companies to establish mutual trust. You might as well tell the other party the money you want to spend and see how the company plans to do it. As a result, the company earns the money it should earn, and you can also get the ideal plan. Why not




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