Where and how to install the toilet floor drain

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The installation of toilet floor drain is also an art. Floor drain is a sanitary device that discharges water from the toilet floor area. You should not underestimate the small measure of floor drain installation, which still has a lot of knowledge. Then, where should the toilet floor drain be installed? How to install it? Don't worry, let's take a look with Xiaobian

floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipeline system and the indoor ground. As an important component of the drainage system in the residence, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air and is very important to the odor control in the bathroom. Where should the toilet floor drain be installed? How to install it? There is a question from the University! Next, Xiaobian will show you

I. where should the toilet floor drain be installed

1. Stay away from the bathroom door

this is easy to understand. Floor drains shoulder the three major tasks of drainage, odor prevention and insect prevention. If they are installed at the entrance of the bathroom, in case of problems in the first three links, the rest of your home will suffer

2. The surroundings are relatively open and easy to clean

some owners always think the floor drain is not good-looking, so they want to decorate it “ Hide ” Get up, for example, in the narrow corner behind the toilet, and it's silly when you really need to clean up the floor drain

3. Don't put it in the middle of the bathroom

some decorators put the floor drain in the middle of the bathroom for the convenience of construction, which is not beautiful and will cause drainage problems

here we should remember a major principle: generally, the floor tiles in the bathroom should be the highest at the outer door and the lowest at the inner floor drain. In other words, the floor drain must be the lowest place in the bathroom

4. Don't install it in the middle of the whole floor tile

if the floor drain is in the middle of the whole block, no matter how inclined the brick is, the floor drain will not be the lowest point, which will also affect the drainage

II. How to install the floor drain in the bathroom

1. Repair the drainage reserved holes to make them completely consistent with the bought floor drain, because the reserved holes for drainage are relatively large when the real estate developers deliver the house. Among them, the opening aperture of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6-8mm to prevent the entry of dirt such as hair, sludge and sand

2. It should be grasped that the water inlet of the multi-channel floor drain should be installed according to the actual situation. The multi-channel floor drain is a floor drain combined with a multi-functional connector that can (undertake the drainage of face washers, bathtubs, washing machines and the ground). This structure can solve the problem that a sewer outlet needs multiple drainage uses

III. next, introduce two common floor drain paving methods in decoration:

method 1:“ Back ” The font

embeds the floor drain in the middle of a floor tile. In order to make the floor drain lower than the ground level, the tiles are made into four diagonally, so as to achieve the purpose of sinking the floor drain

this is a practical method that many owners will use for decoration. But the shortcomings are also obvious: it is not natural enough, and it is a bad scenery. What's more, ugly

method 2:“ X ” The font

takes the floor drain as the center, and the four corners of the floor drain are aligned with the cross line of the floor tile, or the four sides of the floor drain are aligned with the cross line of the floor tile, extending in all directions

this method better maintains the integrity of the floor tiles, which is relatively beautiful, and the slope is relatively natural

where should the toilet floor drain be installed? How to install it? That's all for a brief introduction. I hope you can avoid mistakes and choose the right location and method to install the floor drain when installing it. Please look forward to more information





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