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When choosing the floor for decoration, we should not only consider the material of the floor, but also pay attention to whether the color matches with our own decoration style. According to different home decoration styles, we can choose different floor styles in order to choose the floor suitable for our own home decoration

I. Nordic style: calm tone is the key

Nordic style home decoration is famous for its simplicity. The six surfaces of the interior, including the top, wall and ground, do not need patterns and pattern decoration, but only lines and color blocks to distinguish and decorate. In a Nordic style home, if you can't see the extra decoration, how can the decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. There are only clean walls, panel furniture, tables and chairs in line with human functional aesthetics, combined with rough lines of the floor, simply create a clean, harmonious and personalized home. The furniture of Nordic style does not use carving. It emphasizes practicality and functionality, and the design is people-oriented

in terms of color selection, Nordic style is more suitable for neutral dark wood floors, and the calm tone can better highlight the grade of the room. The simplicity of Nordic style and oak, maple, pine, walnut and other large grain wood floors complement each other. The floors of Nordic style rooms should not use fine grain and straight grain wood

second, Chinese style home: derived from culture and rationality

Chinese style home mainly has three elements: first, it pays attention to the sense of hierarchy of space, which gives people a sense of formality and order. It is often separated by window lattice or screen where it is necessary to isolate the line of sight; In terms of the spatial structure of the room, it is mainly in the form of wood frame, wood “ Sound ” Wood “ Interest ”, Antique, giving people a sense of atmosphere, composure and maturity; Chinese style usually has some religious complex elements. Listening to Zen is leisurely and touching

in general Chinese style furniture, teak and mahogany floors should be selected, corresponding to dark chestnut and black furniture. It can not only express the extremely rich cultural artistic conception of Chinese style home, but also add wealth to the room

III. pastoral style

the preferred light tone pastoral style reflects people's nature of advocating nature and returning to nature. The materials advocate nature, such as bricks, pottery, wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, etc. of course, European and American furniture can also be used to match with exquisite chandeliers; Turn the living space into a green space through greening, such as arranging greening in combination with furniture furnishings, or making key decorations and corner decorations. It can also be arranged along the window to integrate plants into the room

IV. Southeast Asian customs: colors should not be messy

Southeast Asian countries are located between the tropics and subtropics, and the climate is hot. Therefore, wood and stone structures, sandstone decoration, the use of wallpaper, reliefs, wooden beams, and windows are indispensable elements in Southeast Asian traditional style decoration. There are also cool rattan chairs, lifelike bergamot, charming gauze curtains, and so on. When all these are harmoniously compatible in one room, Southeast Asia is elegant The elegant atmosphere came to my face

Southeast Asian style emphasizes bright colors, so we can't choose the floor with aging technology, and the floor with semi matte paint is more suitable. You can choose parquet or double color flooring to match, but it should be noted that the selected floor color cannot be too messy, otherwise it will make the room space appear cumbersome





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