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At a glance, you can see that the quotation of double membrane gas holder is what you want

in this era of biogas and natural gas replacing coal, there are many places where biogas is used in large factories, and some of it needs to be stored in case of need. Then the question comes, what equipment does biogas storage need? Double film gas holder and wet gas holder to give you the answer

the double membrane gasholder is mainly composed of outer membrane, inner membrane and bottom membrane. The outer membrane protects the system. Even in extreme cases (such as storms), the outer membrane continues to bear positive pressure to ensure static pressure balance. The inner membrane is used to store biogas and expand or shrink according to the gas storage capacity

the bottom membrane is used to separate the foundation and inner and outer membranes. The outer membrane adopts double-sided PVDF special membrane material for biogas, which has UV resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, methane penetration resistance and certain self-cleaning performance

the inner and bottom membranes are made of double-sided PVDF biogas special membrane materials, which have aging resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance and methane penetration resistance. A gas tight space with variable capacity is formed between the inner membrane and the bottom membrane to store biogas, and a constant storage pressure is provided between the outer membrane and the inner membrane by a blower

main advantages of double film gasholder:

1. Safe and foldable

gasholder can be folded and transported easily. It can be manufactured and processed with complete equipment in the factory, so that the quality can be systematically guaranteed

the gas in the gasholder can be used 100% of the output, and the availability is greatly improved. The availability of ordinary wet gas holder and dry gas holder is only 60% - 80%; (refers to the ratio of the usable volume of the gas holder to its external volume)

it will not damage the gas holder under the influence of negative pressure. The volume of steel gasholder collapses and deforms under negative pressure. The double film gas holder is affected by negative pressure, so long as it recovers and restarts; (except for the support at the lower part of the inner membrane of the integrated gasholder)

2. Long anti-corrosion life

the main material of the gasholder is made of fluoride, which is excellent in natural anti-aging such as UV resistance, microorganism resistance and weathering, and non-metallic materials will not rust. Without any maintenance, the safe life can reach 15-20 years. When containing corrosive gas, the anti-corrosion ability is relatively good. Generally, it can directly store biogas without desulfurization, which will not affect its effect

3. Antifreeze maintenance free

there is no water in the gas holder, so there is no need to consider antifreeze separately. However, some gases have high water content, which may cause ponding. Therefore, the double film gas holder generally adopts the design method of sharing the air inlet and outlet pipes to try to reduce the water volume in the cabinet. In summer, it is designed to automatically discharge condensate. The gasholder is designed with an ice storage layer, which can also store part of the water vapor in the biogas to freeze in winter. The common pipe design generally will not fill the ice storage area throughout the winter

the control system and protection system also adopt dry and anhydrous design, which can be used in low temperature environments

special low temperature resistant materials are used in -50 ℃ environment

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