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Shangyida doors and windows does not forget its original intention, adheres to innovation, leads the trend of the new generation of doors and windows, and makes every home comfortable


love is simple and simple

there is no need to exaggerate, because it is true to be plain and light

we don't expect it to be perfect, but we want it to be true

maybe love is just a simple hug, a small surprise,

or just a door and window that can make her healthy and safe

a seemingly simple action or change,

can make her aware of your care,

giving her a simple but not simple home is happiness



home is the harbor for everyone to rest,

furniture is a necessity in people's life,

and doors and windows are not only a protective barrier in the room,

but also the most dynamic decorations

every door and window shoulders the quality and safety of the family,

at the same time, they also listen to the warm stories of each family



shangyida doors and windows, with its unique romance and seriousness,

brings you elegant appearance and wonderful touch door and window products,

realizes the dream of a healthy and comfortable home

excellent technology, with simplicity aesthetics as the core of the brand,

refuse flashy redundant lines,

cut the complexity and simplify to create a feeling of returning to the basics,

push open the door and remove all troubles



what is happiness

you will definitely hear a series of answers

happiness can be as simple as a hug,

a word of encouragement or care,

will make her feel so beautiful with you

therefore, don't forget your commitment and try your best to give her the most comfortable life


shangyida doors and windows do not forget the original intention, making every home comfortable

lead the trend of the new generation of doors and windows with an international cutting-edge perspective, young and simple design, and constantly innovative products; Choose every simple style to your heart's content. Young people can be self willed and publicize their personality to create their own free and unfettered simple space; With simple aesthetics as the core, light lines, durable colors and stylization create a golden sense of comfort, bringing more comfortable home enjoyment. Open the door, feel the warmth and comfort of home, and send simple happiness to home at the same time




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